Vegan Life

"Rude" Cover by LemoLive


Welcome To LemoLive

Today I'm SUPER excited to introduce you to my brand new website design. Have a look around and enjoy the view and sounds.   

I'm even MORE excited to announce the launch of my most recent original song, 
"Vegan Life"; written about my life-long commitment to Animal Rights and compassionate
healthy eating and living.
Available NOW for download!
Also check out my upbeat single "Feel So Alive!" 

Let's stay in touch on Facebook at Lemo Lemessy where you can like, share and comment on my videos and songs, and find out about my most recent projects. Add your email below for updates on performances and events. 
I love sharing my passion for music and healthy living with you.

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Desert Vibes 

The Desert is an interesting experience and I actually like it a lot. Hot as hell in the summer but the rest of the year, it is fricking heaven. I even found out that I can grow bananas in my backyard! Heck yeah! Farmer Lemo baby :o) I am working on some music and plan to get this out soon. The work is never done! Stay tuned.

I live to rock! 

So this is my first time blogging. I usually do a verbal blog but this is going to be cool. This is the time in Cali when the weather is getting ready for the picking...parties and all. I get pretty busy so I am not sure how I will be keeping up with this blog. There is so much I have to do, and I am glad I have to do it! Coconuts is on tonight and then Pleasanton and Morocco's tomorrow. It should be a good time as always. My work doesn't end there because I have private parties intertwined and then working on new music....aaaahhhh I love my life! I live to rock!